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If you need to ship your pet from one place to another, you’ll need a transportation service that can safely bring your pet to its destination with or without your presence. The one company you can rely on for this is none other than Pet Taxi Transportation. We are located in Manhattan, NY, and we ship pets anywhere in NYC, Tri-State area & fly all over the world.

Services We Offer

Whether you transfer your pet with or without your assistance, our team at Pet Taxi Transportation can safely bring your furry friend to its destination. We make sure that your pet is well-taken care of with the help of our team. At Pet Taxi Transportation we also have pet-friendly disinfectant, stretchers, crates, safety belt clips, and ramps. So rest assured that you can rely on our pet transportation services in NYC and pet shipping worldwide.

Veterinary Hospitals

veterinary hospitals

Since we offer 24/7 emergency services, we can bring your pet to a veterinary hospital whenever you need to.

Grooming Salons

Grooming Salons

Does your pet need a new haircut for summer or a special event? We can bring your furry friend to and from the groomers.

Boarding Facilities

Boarding Facilities

If you can’t bring your pet to travel with you, we can take your pet to a boarding facility until you return from your trip. Don’t have time to drop them off at the facility? We’ve got you and your pet covered.

Airport Transportation

Airport Transportation

Airport Transportation Traveling by plane? We offer domestic and international pet shipping services including imports, exports, USDA endorsement, customs clearance through airlines to ensure your pet arrives safely at the airport and in another country.

our dedication

to our customers

To ensure the comfort of our clients, most specifically their pets, we use a minivan to maximize space as much as possible. We also make sure to keep the temperature in the vehicle comfortable and well-ventilated for everyone’s comfort. We strictly follow the USDA guidelines for pet travel to ensure safest travel methods.

With years of experience in the industry, expect great experiences from our services at Pet Taxi Transportation that meet or even exceed your expectations.

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Clients Testimonials

5 Star

I am a resident of NYC who frequently visits Westchester County. I have 2 cats and 1 small dog. I have been using them for 2 years now and they have made it so easy to arrange my round trips with my pets but also with my bags and the pet's supplies due to the space in their van. Angel is incredibly professional and follows up by email and voicemail. The friendly drivers are knowledgeable and kind pet lovers who make the trips stress free for myself and my pets. Highly recommend their services.

- Amy M.

Very thankful to all the staff for helping me move to Hawaii with my dog. Pick up was very early in the morning but everything went very smoothly. The driver was very patient and polite despite the long wait while I checked my dog in at cargo. The minivan was clean, spacious and comfortable with my 3 large luggage and my dog's large crate. Couldn't have asked for any better.

- Tami N.

Can't say enough good things about them. Extremely dependable and courteous and genuinely care about your pets. We have used them several times for our 16 year old dog. Once they were late picking us up, but they called and told us another customer had an emergency. This is acceptable and dog owners should be ok with this knowing we may have an emergency one day.

- Nicholas H.

A bit pricey but worth every penny to get my injured dog across midtown to see a specialist on a rainy weekday morning at the height of rush hour. I booked the ride over the web the night before, got confirmation that evening. The driver, Julio, showed up early, was courteous, kind, helpful and a fellow pet parent. He got us to our appointment on time in a safe, calm fashion that took into account he was transporting a pet who could become distressed by sudden stops and starts. Thank you, Julio!

- Wil Y.

Very accommodating. They picked up my frenchie at my sister's house in Manlius and brought her back to NYC. It was so easy. (A little pricey but very convenient!)

- Marilyn M.

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